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Build your
Creator Economy

  • Turn your persona into an investment asset
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Business accounts
for agencies

  • Multiple creators profiles direct management
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  • Entire funds management in one place

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  • Create NFTs with no coding
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FNR Token

Get Benefits

  • Reduced fees for $FNR operations
  • Better platform exposure for your NFTs
  • Improved NFT royalties on sales

Earn Rewards

  • Passive income from Staking and Yield Farming
  • Passive income from Investment Cards
  • Funrise Creator Economy
  • Branded NFT Rewards

Earn Rewards

  • Funrise DAO & Governance
  • Gamified activities and special projects
  • Airdrops and Promotions


Token tickerFNR
Token contractERC-20
Total token supply100 000 000
Initial circulation11 250 000
List price$0.25
Initial market cap$2 250 000
Fully diluted cap$25 000 000

Allocation and vesting

30 000 000Public salePresale — 5% at launch, 9-month cliff, then daily vesting over 90 daysRound 1 & Round 2 after Presale
8 000 000Private sale6-month cliff, then daily vesting over 365 days
20 000 000Community25% at launch, then daily unlock over 180 days
30 000 000Foundation20% at launch, monthly 10% for 8 months
12 000 000Team, advisors and investors1.5-year cliff, then daily vesting over 270 days

Private Sale

Total amount8 000 000
Supply share8%
Round 1Price: $0.1 per FNRAmount: 4 300 000
Round 2Price: $0.15 per FNRAmount: 3 700 000
Funrise has closed a first Private Sale Round of 4 300 000 FNR at a price of $0.1 raising $430 000.3 700 000 FNR at a price of $0.15 is allocated for the second Private Sale Round

Public Sale

Total amount30 000 000
Supply share30%
Minimum purchase amount50$
Maximum purchase amount$100 000
Public PresalePrice: $0.2 per FNRAmount: 5 000 000
Public Round 1Price: $0.25 per FNRAmount: 10 000 000
Public Round 2Price: $0.27 per FNRAmount: 15 000 000

Early Staking Event

Reward pool1 000 000 FNR
Event duration6 monthsStarting at launch
  • Principal tokens are locked until the end of the Event
  • Tokens can be added anytime during the Event
  • Personal user staking amounts are unlimited
  • Rewards are distributed among the stakers proportionally
  • Rewards are available for withdrawal any time

Jump into the pool of investors,
buy FNR as low as $0.2

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